Sketching Michelle O

The second big question facing the United States at the moment (the first is what dog the Obama’s should get) is of course, what Michelle Obama should wear to the inauguration and its myriad balls, in forty days time.

Sketch by Isaac Mizrahi

Via Kottke, here is an interesting array of proposals for Mrs Obama, from some of America’s top fashion designers. I particularly like the sketches that include proposals for the two daughters, Malia and Sasha: They really capture that slightly timid but proud gait that all three women exhibited when they walked out with the President-Elect on election night.
From, by Zero + Maria Cornejo
From, by Zero + Maria Cornejo

The final sketch caught my eye. I don’t particularly like the red dress, but the mannequin features of the sketch are very similar to the androgynous fairy I created for an experimental animation a while back:

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