The best people aren't people

A fascinating presentation by Matt Jones on “city magic” mentioned a few non-human things that Twitter:  Tower Bridge, the River Thames, the Lovell Telescope and a orchid plant named “Robert”, tee-hee.   Matt says:

I’m kind of finding that the best people on twitter aren’t people.

I already follow the Mars Rovers, Mars Phoenix and Cassini, which aren’t people, and aren’t even on earth.
Its interesting how such uses of Twitter weren’t really predicted by the creators of the site, which insists on a human “bio” for each non-living thing.  This gives rise to new forms of wit, as those who create the accounts on behalf of these inanimate twitterers come up with anthropomorphisms.
It reminds me of the whole palaver over the Facebook status “is”, which also provoked creativity through unexpected use of the technology.

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