Write protect removal in MS Word

The other day, I spent an irritating hour battling a Word Document.  It carried an application form we had to fill in, and some fool had misdesigned the thing.  Type in your details, and they shifted the rest of the text onto a new page.  It was a muddle.
We couldn’t reformat the page, however, because the same fool had ‘protected’ the form and sealed it up with a password.  Copying and pasting the text into a new document was impossible, as was saving the file with a new name.
Then followed a further hour searching for and downloading apparently ‘free’ programmes that promised to remove the password.  None did, because the free trial features were limited to discovering passwords of five characters or less.
Eventually, I found the Ultimate ZIP Cracker.  This is also a paid for programme, but it does have one advantage over its competitors, in that one of its free trial features is the offer to simply remove the protection on documents.  It won’t actually tell you what the password is, but for my purposes with the crappy application form, it was perfect.

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