Keen eyes will have noticed the blog has been redesigned again.
In this latest incarnation, I have referenced the torn paper motif which graced versions from 2005-2007, which I have neither the inclination nor the imagination to move away from.  I also include a handwritten name, so beloved of readers long since alienated back in ’07.
However, in reference to my new employers and my current engagement with free expression issues, I’ve included some ink blots. These splats double as a nod to my design for the Liberal Conspiracy site, and to Judith Adams’ site, which Fifty Nine created back in the day.
One thing I’ve not touched is the typography, which remains vanilla Kubrick.  I’ve tried messing with it, but any deviation from the Trebuchet/Lucida Sans combo weakens the communication, I feel.

7 Replies to “Redesign”

  1. calming but is it not a bit grey? I mean your views are not wishy washy. I like grey as a colour but the swathe on its own is rather bland I feel – of course I am biased to the first version.

  2. I have come to this new design late. I like it but agree with Kathy the grey is not right. How about green with its references to your green credentials and your relative youth . Also associations with nature, growth, hope and safety!

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