Ernest Millington and the Common Wealth Party

The lives of those with distinguished World War II military careers still pepper the obituary pages, but not with the frequency that they once did.  I enjoyed this passage from his obituary by Roy Roebuck:

He first arrived at the Commons with his newly awarded Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon inexpertly self-sewn on to his uniform. A Conservative MP, who was a squadron leader in the RAF police, approached. “You are improperly dressed,” he told Millington.
“If you are talking to me as an RAF officer,” Millington replied, “take your hand out of your pocket and address a senior officer as ‘Sir’. If you are addressing me as a fellow MP, mind your own business and bugger off.” He did.

Millington famously won a by-election in the true-blue Tory seat of Chelmsford, standing for the short-lived Common Wealth Party.  Its objectives were “common ownership, democracy, and morality in politics.”  Perhaps it should re-form in time for the Euro elections next month?
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