Tube Photoblog

It looks a bit like a panelled front door.  That’s me in the top left screen.
From Martin Crimp’s No-one Sees the Video (which I’ve quoted before):

Sally: I really like – when you’re on the tube – I really like going down the end of the platform where you can see yourself in the camera.
Liz: OK. Good. Perhaps we could / get back to…
Sally: Y’know, because there’s a camera down there for the driver and you can see yourself in it on the screen only its yellow. That’s a real laugh. And by the way if this is a survey what I want to know is why whenever you put any money in a chocolate machine you don’t get any chocolate out – will you ask them that?
Liz: OK. We really ought to get back / to…
Sally: The other thing is electrical stores, I mean like Dixon’s and Lasky’s where they put a camera in the window and what you can do is see yourself in the video actually in the shop. Cos my uncle hired one for me cousin’s eighteenth and we’ve got this really brilliant video of the disco and everything which I’m in it.
Liz: That’s very good.
Sally: Although mainly my cousin.

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