On Bias

A while back, I noted that everyone, everywhere, thinks that their culture is under attack:

The Islamic States fear the coming of Western Imperialism, while the Christian West complains that their time-honoured traditions are being undermined by an unjustified favouritism to alien minorities.

My theory was that this was an observational fallacy.  We are acutely aware of the depth of our own culture, and also changes and threats to it.  Conversely, we fail to percieve nuance and change in other cultures.
I was reminded of this mentality just now, when I read a True/Slant article on percieved bias in Israel/Palestine coverage.  Pro-Israeli and Pro-Arab groups were shown a news report and asked to comment on its bias:

The point is that these groups watched the same news and came to opposite conclusions as to which way it was biased. And each side thought it was biased against their side.

(via The Daily Dish).

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