That Hypothetical B&B Again

Chris Grayling MP, Shadow Home Secretary, is at the centre of a mini-controversy because he suggested that Christian B&B owners should be able to turn away gay couples.
We have been here before, and I have already formed my view.  I don’t see any new information to add to the debate – just the opportunity to skewer an off-message politician.

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Possibly. As with all these things, it’s quite possible that there is a lot more to it than is reported.
In particular, the B&B owner in question apparently did NOT simply send them away. As I understand it, two single rooms were offered, but that offer was refused by the gay couple. I think that puts a VERY different complexion on the issue.
Chris Grayling’s subsequent fumbling with the contrasting web of property rights vs victimhood rights failed to get to this point and the party response has merely fouled it up even more to absolutely no-one’s satisfaction.
Makes no difference to me as I shan’t be voting for any of them – they’re all monstrously illiberal, whatever their stance on the hierarchy of victimhood poker.

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