Right, that's it, I'm disabling Postalicious

Housekeeping: I’m fed up with the 500 Internal Server Error Messages that keep being generated, and I know others are too. I am not sure whether it is the del.icio.us API or the postalicious plugin itself that is at fault. Since Yahoo is trying to ‘sunset‘ del.icio.us I am guessing the former is more likely.
But until I work it out for sure, I shall have to disable it the regular posting of links.  These automatically generated posts with no useful content are ruining what little credibility I have.

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  1. Try using the Delicious Blog Posting Tool on their actual site? Works for me most days, and theoretically works right out of the box for WP (I had to hack a PHP file to convert it for Dreamwidth but that’s what we get for betaing a platform, my code’s going to be used as part of the actual site at some point).
    Has to be daily, and sometimes falls over, but it normally works and can be rescued, and formatting is stylable using CSS easily.

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