More on #Leveson (As It Should Be)

It seems the House of Lords Communications Select Committee will be conducting an inquiry into the state of press regulation in the UK. Naturally, I’ve sent the clerks the link to my Leveson (As It Should Be) project, an HTML version of the Leveson Inquiry report. Hopefully that will streamline their research and inform the debate.

While we’re here, I may as well note that I submitted the project as a ‘proof of concept’ to the Speakers Commission on Digital Democracy. In my short consultation response I urged government and parliament to ensure that all documents they produce are supplied in open, linkable formats. My short essay on why this is A Good Thing was also included.
Did I mention the @LevesonAISB Twitter feed? It’s tweeting out random sections of the report on a daily basis.
Finally, I’m delighted that Roy Greenslade reported the project in the Guardian.

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