Beyond Beginners Rubik's Cube Tutorials

I think I’ve mentioned before that I recently taught myself to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I often take my cube onto the bus or train and solve it, as an alternative to messing about on my phone.

The beginners’ method of solving the cube is quite inefficient. It teaches seven algorithms, which sometimes have to be repeated until the right pattern emerges.
There are loads of internet resources for people who want to get into speed-cubing. But I have found very little for people like me who just want to be slightly more efficient at solving the cube.
It is for this incredibly specific niche that I have launched a series of YouTube video tutorials entitled Beyond Beginners. They’re a bit cheesy but I had fun making them.

Each video presents an additional algorithm, not taught by the beginners’ method. Each new sequence I present makes the solve slightly more efficient. As of today (30/03/2019) there are three episodes published, and I have four more that will be published weekly on Sundays over the next month. I also solicited suggestions for new episodes from the r/Cubing community for new episodes, so maybe I’ll do even more.
Your views and your ‘likes’ and your comments would be very much appreciated.

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