Still a long way to go

A great day for democray? Iraq votes in a Shia coalition, and commentators hail the increase in participation from the Sunni minority.
The concept of a country voting along ethnic lines makes me uneasy. Is it not analagous to a UK general election with the English Party winning a majority over the Welsh Party and the Scottish Party? (With pundits revelling in the fact that the Scots have at least participated this time, the miserable gits).
It is seen as a positive step that the Kurdish and Sunni minorities both won a significant number of seats, which should stabilise the country. We hear precious little of ideology. How did the raving communists fare against the slimy fascists? That’s what I would like to know.
Is a country that could spill into civil war at any moment a democracy? Its not so much voting, as lining up two gangs to see which is bigger. Is a country that votes strictly along ethnic lines a democracy? It seems more like nationwide nepotism.