Linklog and blog strategy

Browsing the net, its clear that people use their blogs for different things. Some are very personal diaries, some are more true to the etymology of ‘weblog’, and use it as a log of places they’ve visited.
I don’t have the time to be as prolific as some of the other sites on my blog-roll, for whom delivering five or six posts per day is the norm. So I like the majority of my posts to be substantial things, with my own addition to the debate… rather than simply a sign-post to other sites. Hopefully this will be more engaging for the readers I am lucky enough to get. It’s a strategy of sorts, to ensure that I retain as many of the people who bookmark my RSS feed as I can.
However, I have been feeling guilty that I cannot pass on the the many bizarre websites I find, and that I do not ‘flag up’ those posts that other bloggers have put a great deal of thought and effort into creating. To this end, I have taken inspiration from QWGHLM and put a linklog on the site. By showcasing some of the sites and articles I find interesting, it should give visitors a small insight into my interests and political views, without the narcissism of posting about myself on the main blog!

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