Labour MP: "Please help me find something interesting to do"

Labour MP Austin Mitchell has a weblog. He has a ‘general ramblings’ spot, where he writes a light-hearted. His latest entry chronicles a set of missed divisions because he has forgotten ‘Whip-speak’, and finishes thus:

Having seen how much David Blunkett has got for his diaries I am doing mine for posterity. Please help me find something interesting to do. Any offers of seduction, sex, scandal, drugs, rock and roll, even promotion, would make life interesting.

I’ll tell you what, Austin. How about actually voting for the debate on the Iraq war, instead of just signing the Early Day Motion which proposed that debate? Or did you also miss that vote because you don’t understand ‘Whip-speak’? Instead of attempting to make money as the next Alan Coren, you could actually be holding the government to account, something that you are already being paid to do. Now that would be really interesting.

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