Political opposition in America

“Those stupid Americans.” This must be one of the most common and lazy stereotypes peddled by the patrons of pubs and bars the length and breadth of these British Isles. We chuckle at their fat parochial ways, and delight in the statistics saying that, what, only 0.001% of Americans have passports or something? Of course, President Bush is the most visible representative of his fellow citizens, and his brush finds and tars them all. Is it his plain-spoken, folksy charm, that does it… or the utter lack of discernible leadership and logic in his governing?
Its always worth remembering that the ideological fight against Bush has been led by Americans. Neither the 2000 or ’04 elections were hardly landslides, and the electoral maps broken down by county or congressional district paint a very different political picture from the ‘Red State vs Blue State’ analysis we are usually subjected to.
Justin at Chicken Yoghurt has been linking to Keith Olbermann’s special reports. These stinging ‘special comments’ call George Bush to account on a weekly basis, in a manner which seems to elude the Democrats at present. His seething indignity, as yet another liberty trampled upon, is compelling. By repeatedly using the word ‘Sir,’ as he directly challenges the President, he manages to show a respect for the office while displaying utter contempt for the man who holds it:

Your words are lies, Sir!

I don’t know the viewing figures for Olbermann’s Countdown, but MSNBC is a major network, so I imagine it has some degree of influence over public opinion.

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  1. Robert, MSNBC is not a major network, although it goes into millions of homes via cable and satalite tv. Democrats in congress do regularly issue harsh criticisms of President Bush, but these statements are largely ignored by the national media. President Bush is extremely unpopular in the United States, and is widely regarded as a bad President. The midterm election, being held today, is regarded by many people as a referendum on the Bush Presidency. Democratic candidates in this election have made the President’s conduct an issue as welll as the support accorded that conduct by their Republican opponants. I like Olbermann, but most people who watch him agree with him before they tune in. I hope you enjoy the election coverage on American TV later today!

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