That fabulous painted cavern

It was the rejuvenation of London in the late seventeenth century, after the Great Fire of ’66, which moulded the character of Westminster, The City, and West End through which I now walk. But to celebrate this mess is not to say that the London of today has become stagnant. The public, authors of the city, find new uses for old spaces.
Spectators watch the skaters and bikers
The skate park underneath the Hayward Gallery has become a much photographed hang-out for youths on two or four wheels. “That fabulous painted cavern” as a friend of mine calls it. In many respects it is just like the other venues along the South Bank, drawing audiences from out of town for a regular showcase of talent, visual and kinetic.

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  1. Dear Robert,
    I would like to direct your attention to A Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, April 27 – 29, 2007.
    “Forgiveness Is the Key to Happiness”
    We are celebrating our escape from this place of darkness and death to the light of Eternal Light.
    If you want to write about it, please do so. If you want to join us for this event, please do so. Everyone is welcome.
    Alban Fenle

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