I’ve never done any ‘Live-blogging’ on this site, primarily because I’ve never been in a situation where I thought my presence at a computer provided anything new to an event or news story in progress.
Anyway, I happen to be sitting in the Qupi Café on Leith Walk, and it seems a carnival procession is passing me by. I have my camera-phone, and I have a Bluetooth internet connection. Allow me to present The Great Leith Festival Carnival Procession LivePhotoBlog!
First up: A big yellow bus promoting Corona Beer.

Update 13:08

This is the Rotarian collecting money for the festival.

Update 13:10

This is the first set of pipers.

Update 13:12

I don’t know who these dignataries in the cadillac were. That big white van was rather in the way.

Update 13:15

Some dancers attached to a brass band dawdle on the street. They should be 100 yards up the road, jiving.

Update 13:20

I didn’t know that the phenomenon of majorettes still existed in the 21st Century. But here they are, out in force.
“Handball is Catching”

Update: 13:25

Some puppets

Update 13:28

These are the last pipers.

Update 13:32

The tailback of impatient motorists, too busy rushing somewhere to enjoy the fun in the sun.

Update 13:39

Well, there you have it. A ring-side seat for the Leith Festival procession, and thanks to modern communications technology you did not even have to get up out of your chair.
And the funny thing is: Neither did I.

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