Cool for Cats

Close up of the note about the cat

Dear Owner,
Yesterday my cat fell out of the window and ran up to your car where it proceeded to climb into your engine. It is a new cat and is very timid and nervous of people. I beg you not to start your car before you open the bonnet or before you open the bonnet please could you phone me at my work which is just around the corner… The cat may have already disappeared but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Note about a cat on the car

3 Replies to “Cool for Cats”

  1. unbeknownst to me, a cat climbed into a van I was using to move house. i only realised that i had a passenger when it jumped into my lap half-way up the m6 ! unfortunateley for the cat, it jumped out when i arrived in manchester and ran away down the road. i doubt it ever found its way home again…

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