Taking advantage of Potter-mania

Hooray! The final installment of the Harry Potter heptlogy has hit the shelves. Those who bought it at one minute past midnight are, by this time, deep into the plot, and might even have discovered which characters have met an unexpected death.
The commentary on the twenty-four hour news channels and interweb pages will come in waves: analysis, counter-analysis, and meta-analysis. Like the floods of previous weeks, these waves will take many days to subside.
So to all political parties out there, I offer this advice: Today is a good day to bury bad news.

4 Replies to “Taking advantage of Potter-mania”

  1. Enid Blyton without the ginger beer – any adult that reads it needs to take a serious look at themselves. There are lots of young writers trying to make a living by writing serious (and not so serious) literature. Read some of that instead of this drivel which is for 12 year olds.
    Interstingly Harry Potter has also been accused of being imperialist, sexist, racist and er disablist. In other words the antithesis of PC kids lit – so maybe it’s not so bad after all.

  2. Just on the Harry Porter Story this might be way off the tangent from what you are saying but I suppose you give me the chance to air ma views …..I have a lot of queries to throw about this Harry Porter thigy
    Myself I do not trust Harry Porter’s origins even worse I don’t trust its effects on people in general…For example I have a friend whose lil cousins started chanting some of the well known Harry Porter chants and guess what those kidas could not sleep anymore at night…some people said its jes a coincedence but truthfully speaking “What a coincedence that is..” but interestingly enough I learnt of another kid from a well known source who started doing those chants at night and started talking aboutgoing to that School of Witchcraft mentioned in Harry Porter….well I can say a lot but I jes wanna hold it here …and wanna ask you do you really think Harry Porter is fantasy ??

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