WOMAD, Charlton Park
A very muddy Charlton Park during WOMAD 2007.
I did hear a few voices of dissent about the organisation of this year’s festival, and how those in charge should have better anticipated the wet weather. However, I think this was probably just teething problems at the new venue. Thank goodness the festival was not at Rivermead again – I hear the Thames has flooded there and the entire festival would have been cancelled.
I am in agreement with Stephen Dalton at The Times:

But it was the Senegalese hip-hop trio Daara J who virtually hijacked his show, bounding around the stage in flowing white robes like hyperactive Jedi Knights.

Seth Lakeman and Dhol Foundation also had me jumping.

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  1. Dammit, Robert, you should have advertised your attendance in advance – we were there with the kids. (We packed up and buggered off on Saturday morning. The nippers – seven and three – *hated* it. Tears from the word go.)

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