Troops in Sudan

It is good news that the UN is taking action on the Sudan crisis. Clearly any action to stop the massacres of civilians in Darfur is to be welcomed, even if many believe a UN resolution should have been made a long time ago.
However, I’m reminded of Jeffrey Sach’s analysis of the Darfur crisis, during his Reith Lectures in the spring. If the conflict in Darfur is borne out of scarce resources, especially water, then the presence of soldiers in the region will not solve the underlying problem. Military intervention here needs to be backed up with humanitarian intervention. That’s the next step.

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  1. Well, Rob, I’m not so sure. Presumably, people feel free to commit violence and human rights violations on civilians there, because there’s no-one to stop them at present. It seems to me that the military intervention is for humanitarian reasons. The next step surely needs to be some sort of negotiatory behaviour between warring groups.
    Also, you have prompted me to read the wikipedia entry on the subject, which was very enlightening. Thank you.

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