FOUND and Kimho Ip

Artists mixing tunes, live, while Dim-sum is cooked
The artists/musicians from FOUND remix some of the melodies created by Kimho Ip’s Yang-chin, a traditional chinese instrument.
We were at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Leith for a content gathering event, watching a chef prepare some Dim Sum (which we then ate). FOUND will use the audio and video they captured for a new composition, to be performed at the end of the Fringe Festival.
In the meantime, they will be launching their Ettiquette project at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop this Saturday. I can’t make the event, but it will apparently feature an entirely new set of music. Its always fun to see what these aimiable and slightly hairy “pop chancers” come up with…
One interesting (although highly incidental) aspect of FOUND’s various projects is their use of a blog to document their activities. The advantage of this is that they do not need to write a lengthy essay at the end of each project, justifying their activities to their funders and sponsors. The blog acts as this documentation.

Buckets on the Ceiling, at Out of the Blue
The Out of the Blue Drill Hall has a set of buckets hanging randomly from the ceiling. I couldn’t decide whether they were an art installation, or a practical measure to prevent water leaking into the building. Either way, I think they are quite pretty.

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  1. Delighted to see your speedy report of last night’s event! Hope you don’t mind me using your blog to puff out few more details.
    I am helping to organise this experimental project (The FEAST explores sounds and flavours of traditional Chinese food through contemporary Scottish-Chinese music) and agree with you about the value of the blog in documenting the event – not just to keep the sponsors happy but to show how creative ideas can grow to involve a wide range of unlikely people. That matters because The FEAST does have wider aims to encourage greater understanding between Scottish and Chinese communities – I am not sure how far we got with that last night but there was a fair amount of interest in the making of Dim Sum, and tasting it too.
    Talking of keeping the sponsors happy, The FEAST is supported by Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh City Centre Management Company, Saigon Saigon restaurant and a longish list of Scottish food suppliers from Edinburgh Farmers Market and the Eating Place in Castle Street. And Castle Street is where the main course of The FEAST (food, film and music) will be presented at the end of August. (More on our FEAST blog, when we have cooked it up!
    PS, those Drill Hall buckets do serve a double function.

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