Unleash the Analogies

As well as enjoying the result of last weekend’s rugby match, I have to say I found the news coverage very amusing. A clash with France? On French soil!? The press could not contain their delight. With the unwavering purpose of an English longbowman at Agincourt, the journos unleashed volley after volley of ‘100 Years War’ references upon the unsuspecting British public.
And on Sunday, it transpired that we will be playing South Africa in the final.
Wait for it…
Wait for it…
(Hold your line, there, soldier, we don’t want anyone going off half-cocked…)

After Agincourt, prepare for Bore War

Hooray! Martin Johnson wins his spurs.
‘Sport and War’ is the subject of one of my favourite of my own blog posts: July 1st, Our Fateful Day.

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  1. Anorak fact – The “V” sign, as an obscene gesture, is believed to have originated from the shape made by the fingers of the English archers as they drew their bows against the French. The V shape made would actually be sideways, but it’s a plausible story.

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