Tsvangirai detained

MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai
Photo from the Sokwanele Flickr Photostream
In an entirely predictable move, Mugabe arrests Tsvangirai ahead of the presidential run-off vote in Zimbabwe (via F/P).
This is what happens when the state has too much power. The reason why we have a much healthier democracy than Zimbabwe is precisely because we go all “awkward squad” the moment any politician moves anywhere near this kind of power. For all the convenience that 42 days detention might bring, it is unquestionably a transfer of power from citizen to state. And, reading about the fate of Morgan Tsvangirai, you will forgive me if the prospect of such a transfer makes me squeamish. Now is not the time for 42 days.

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  1. It’s also the reason why the Americans originally wrote their second amendment.
    I beginning to doub that our Monarch is sufficient protection against an overpowerful executive.

  2. Not now, not ever. Can someone tell me why Frank Field whose views I usually agree with is voting FOR the 42 days ? And can someone tell me why this is even an issue as in a state of emergency the detention time can be extended anyway. If this goes through it will be because Labour MPs are keener on protecting their seats that on protecting liberty. I guess we would all want to protect our jobs but what cost would we be prepared to pay? How can they persuade themselves that this is the right thing to do? Because I think most of them will genuinely do this rather than just cynically vote for what will keep them in power knowing this must be wrong.

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