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Meanwhile, down the rabbit hole, The Printed Blog is a US newspaper created entirely from blog content.  The founders are currently “beta testing” the newspaper at “select locations”.
It reminds me of Things Our Friends Have Written on The Internet.  The Main difference being that The Printed Blog is a paid for product, not a labour of love.  I know offer a blogbook service.
As the internet becomes exponentially more popular, and the international credit-crunch hits home, newspapers have been identified as a failing industry.  Clay Shirky criticises their business model in Here Comes Everybody and Andrew Sullivan has been chronicling the possibility of a newspaper “bailout” to save the New York Times.  Its odd that a publication that uses twenty-first century technology to supply its content, should be experimenting with a twentieth century sales and distribution model… so I’m not confident it will succeed.
What could redeem the project, is if the publication is launched as a customisable, subscription product.  For example, I could select the blogs or newspapers I like, and some system compiles a customised newspaper that is printed digitally and despatched to my door.  It would be the first step towards the dynamic electronic newspapers from science fiction – Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age, which I just finished reading, includes such fantastic technology.
(And yes, The Printed Blog does have a blog).


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