FOUND play at The Mill, 6th October 2008
FOUND play at The Mill, 6th October 2008

Remember FOUND, the five-piece innovators from Edinburgh?  They are off to the South by South-West festival in Texas, and are raising money for the outing by producing a new album.  In a RadioHead style gambit, they’re giving punters the chance to choose what price to pay for the collection.  I’ve gone for £7.50 because

  • I’m short of cash; and
  • its pretty much the amount I would have spent for eight songs on iTunes.

You could spend as much as £49 if you’re flush.
Their online marketing techniques remind me a little of the MC Yogi tactic discussed earlier: a little something for free (or in this case, below the market rate) might lead to new paying supporters later.  Appallingly though, their Flickr photos fall foul of the same Creative Commons malaise I whined about yesterday.  Since I know the musicians personally, I’m going ahead and reproducing one of their images without fear of retribution.  But guys: It doesn’t have to be this way.

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