Christian Bale's Muddled Trans-Atlantic Accent Syndrome

Christian Bale on a rant. I really wish people weren’t so obnoxious to each other, life is too short for this kind of unpleasantness.
What struck me about this audio is just how muddled Bale’s accent has become. At times he comes over all South London. At other times he has an American drawl, complete with the idioms.  He was probably so red faced, he couldn’t hear it properly.
I quite understand how peoples who share an language can evolve different accents over time (e.g. Antipodean, Southern African, North American, The British Isles).  But I’m never quite sure how it can happen within a single person?  When I lived in Scotland, it was easy to pick up the idoms (“a wee baby” &ct), but not the accent.
Other people afflicted with Muddled Trans-Atlantic Accent Syndrome include Julie Andrews, Anthony Hopkins, and Madonna.  Blogger Andrew Sullivan has it too.  Who is your favourite?

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