A Corrupt and Complicit Culture

The problem of extra-judicial killings of journalists in Mexico is one of the major threats to free expression around the world.  News of fresh violence seems to drop into my PEN inbox with increasing frequency.  In November, I mentioned the case of Bladimir Antuna García, who was “killed for writing too much.”
In The Independent, Terence Blacker warns that complacency in rich countries can help sustain this violence:

Only some of this nastiness can be explained by the poisonous air of the blogosphere. There is now a genuine confusion in the minds of many between the tawdry journalistic froth of our own decadent celebrity society and the courageous investigative reporting happening in countries such as Mexico.
It is vain and self-deluding to believe that the killing of writers in other parts of the world has nothing to do with our own lives and attitudes. As Cacho herself has said, “a corrupt political system is only sustained by a corrupt and complicit culture“.

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