Sleep Deprivation

I’m sick of people equating ‘sleep deprivation’ in the torture/interrogation sense, with the lack of sleep that many people suffer as as a result of their job. The two are incomparable.

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  1. Even worse, people do it with rape all the time — “We got raped in that basketball tournament!”, etc. I hear it more and more, and it makes me sick.

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard that before.

    To be clear though, there is a difference between using a word for one type of extreme action, as a metaphor for another (e.g. your baskteball tornament, or “climbing Ben Nevis was torture”) and the claim that some acts are not torture because they don’t sound all that bad (stress positions), or the sound quite like something that many people experience (sleep deprivation, forced standing).

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