Thought of You

Check out this stunning animation by Ryan Woodward:

I was delighted to see this, because it takes to a perfect, polished conclusion a visual style I messed about with briefly, a few years ago:

For the avoidance of doubt, I do not claim that my sketches had any influence on Ryan! ‘Construction’ type sketches are a common enough aesthetic, and I’m not even sure that it was an original style when I created my own animation.
Rather, I just say that there is a certain pleasure in seeing such an idea realised. When I was messing about with tracing paper, I knew I did not have the artistic training, nor the resources, nor the talent, to actually realise what I saw in my head – a depressing realisation one learns to accept. But watching Woodward’s piece, I see he has incorporated everything I would wish, especially a sense of the transient, the fleeting, and the whiff of faeries.
See also: Fifty Nine Productions animations for Jónsi.

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  1. Yeah that’s exactly what’s it’s like, we women are these little wispy things that grow wings occasionally; constantly a tease for sure! Then when you finally “tame” us, you walk away and we die.
    Thank goodness the Jonsi show had none of that nonsense, and was purely beautiful without reinforcing any tired old B.S.!

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