Two Great Pieces of Collaborative Internet Art

Ever since my intimate involvement with Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden, Internet-only art has been one of my recurring interests. Most recently, I noted the delightful xkcd cartoon that only really works properly online, using features available in computers. Art that is not simply a recording of a performance that took place in some place and time. Art that is not simply a scan or representation of something that exists on a wall or street corner somewhere. Art that you cannot experience anywhere but on a connected device. Art that could not have been created before the twenty-first century.
Here are two more examples, both extremely simple, both aesthetically pleasing on the surface, and both with an added beauty because of the collaboration that is inherent in their creation.

First – In B Flat by Darren Solomon. Many YouTube videos that may be played together in any order, creating a customised, one-off, melancholy soundscape. It is the nature of the art that you have to visit the website it cannot be embedded on this page.
Second, the Japanese band Sour managed to crowd-source this absolutely stunning human kaleidescope for their track ‘Hibi no Neiro’.

Via a post on Mashable, where more similar videos are collected.

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