Our Human Rights

Last month, the essential Labour Campaign For Human Rights (LCHR) launched Our Human Rights.  Its a campaign to highlight how the European Convention of Human Rights, and the British Human Rights Act, have helped ordinary citizens get what they need and deserve from the state.
Too often, human rights laws seem distant from the ordinary person.  They are portrayed by those hostile to the concept as being little more than a tool for terrorists and illegal immigrants to game the legal system.  As I have written before, speaking about human rights only in terms of the most extreme cases does not persuade the ordinary voter of their importance.
The Our Human Rights Campaign present human rights in a different light. It explains how human rights support the elderly, women, children, working people, LGBTQ people, and those with disabilities or suffering mental health issues.

  • In Pink News, Purna Sen explains how human rights laws have ensured LGBT people are protected.
  • On LabourList, Charlotte Thomas shows how human rights law underpin protection for women against domestic violence and rape.  The Guardian report by Nick Watt focuses on the same issue.

The campaign launch co-incides with a pamphlet for Labour activists: Human Rights on the Doorstep.  This is how to talk sensibly about human rights and make them into a vote winner.

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