The Typography of Labour Resignation Letters

This tweet of mine garnered a few fav-hearts and re-tweets, which suggests that this is the sort of thing people are interested in.
Of course, the content of the letters is the really important part, so far as the authors are concerned. But design and presentation is incredibly important, despite being 99% Invisible when done right. We can gather some insights into the thoughts of the authors by how their resignation letter is laid out.
I compiled a Storify of a couple of dozen Labour Shadow Cabinet resignation letters, and added comments about their design. 
My favourite is Stephen Kinnock:

Read my analysis of all two dozen letters on Storify.

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  1. This was, as I believe someone else said, oddly fascinating and provided some light relief from the gloom I feel about the situation in which we find ourselves. Reminds me why some people believe you can analyse character by hand writing !

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