Ahmadinejad damages the Palestinian cause

The letters page in The Guardian gives severla lucid responses to President Ahmadinejad’s “wipe them from the map” comments. (via DSTPFW)
Dr Nur Masalha, the British-Palestinian author-academic, writes:

I believe we (Palestinian Muslims and Christians) should always make a clear distinction between our political struggle against institutionalised racism and ethnic cleaning in Palestine-Israel and the fact that we and the Israelis would, ultimately, have to live together as equal citizens under some form of secular democracy – and not wipe each other out.

We should concieve of all these global troubles as a civil war within the species of homo sapien. I repeat: The fundamentalists are the enemy, be it Ahmadinejad and his call for a new holocaust; or the ultra-Zionists who declare that the Arabs of Palestine have no right to live in the West Bank.

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  1. What cause has been damaged? Has not 50 years of oppression, death, deportation and slaughter been damage enough. It could not be damaged any more.
    To put it into perspective, bearing in mind recent Palestine/Israeli events, the past 50 years and the “War on Terror”, Ahmadinejad is not saying anything that different to the words and subsequent acts of Bush, Blair and Sharon. So what do Zionists say about Arabs?.

  2. You see Jamal can you define what is the difference between TERRORISM and WAR- WAR is when you give a DATE, TIME and PLACE of attack. What BUSH, HUSSEIN and BLAIR are doing is WAR. As Donald Rumsfeld put sit -CIVILISATION DEFINING is what happened there that is all. Which is completely justified. It is not for anyone to say whether this WAR was JUSTIFIED or not. In order to have that debate the only man who can say that is SADDAM HUSSEIN himself. He hasn’t said a word.
    TERRORISM is what the so called JIHADIST MUSLIMS have been indulging in- SEP 11, LONDON UNDERGROUND ATTACKS and now NEW DELHI. Where by the so called COWARDS attack innocent people who have nothing to do with what has happend to them.
    Regarding the TEARS you SHED for PALESTINIANS- have you ever been to PALESTINE or lived there to really make comments on what is happening there. To be honest the PALESTINIANS deserve the treatment they are getting-afterall let us admit this guy Yasser Arafat was a TERRORIST.
    I think what Ahmadinehad is really asking for is – NUKING of BANDAR ABBAS for the SHITE DECEITS that Ayotallh Kohemeni gave many years back- Bush senior has never forgotten. If the IRANIANS dont know how to behave like a NATION- they would be the first ones to be HUMILATED by been NUKED by a women named CONDOLEEZA RICE!!! Then we can build BANDAR ABBAS as a modern CITY and produce more ALI ABBAS- as UN AMBASSADORS for PEACE for the next 50 years perhaps. If you dont know how the world moves then that is what I call by the YEAR 2020 when you get the Joke- feeling DECEIVED means!!!!
    Then like how they made HIROHITO the EMPEROR of JAPAN and gave TOJO the DEATH PENALTY they will make Ahmadinejad the Shah of Iran and give that little TOJO who talks rubbish the DEATH PENALTY- if he is confused between COLORS and POWERS and what that DECEIT called MUSLIMS means and what the word ISLAM the BELIEF means. If you dont get the Joke my friend Jamal then there is a SUSPENCE ACCOUNT created a place called Gunatanamo Bay aka CAMP DELTA X-RAY- would be the place for you also to go!!!!

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