Caged again

Mandela Bust by the Royal Festival Hall

There seem to be quite extensive renovations going on outside the Royal Festival Hall at present. In past days, the Mandela sculpture had disappeared from its plinth on the South Bank.

It has now been reinstated, albeit behind a wire fence for the moment.

2 Replies to “Caged again”

  1. I think this is quite interesting – I am wondering how I would feel if I had been wrongfully imprisoned for 26 years and then people talked of my statue (or of me) being “caged”.

  2. To be clear, its not normally ‘caged’ in this manner. When the works have finished, I’m sure the fence will be removed.

    On a technical point, I forget whether Mandela was actually ‘wrongfully imprisoned’. By that, I mean: Was he actually innocent of the charges? Or was it that the charges were brought under an unjust law? Either way, I suppose we could describe that as ‘wrong’ I suppose.

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