Bank Holiday Sardines

GNER train
An overfull service from Kings Cross to Edinburgh yesterday.
Despite the fact we were packed like sardines in a tin, I found the journey passed quite quickly. Probably something to do with everyone being in the same situation, which breeds a certain camaraderie. One kind family from Portsmouth even shared their chapattis with the other passengers.

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  1. Actually, they were Aloo Ge Paratis if we’re going to be picky. It was an ice-cream tub full of them. At least fifteen adults got some, I reckon.
    There was also a party of Australians who offered me a vodka and coke, and I had a big bar of Cadbury’s chocolate, but neither offering really caught the public’s imagination in the same way as the paratis/chappatis.
    Yes, the loaves and the fishes parable captures the atmsophere perfectly.

  2. For gods sake Rob this Muslim love-in gets a bit tiresome – don’t you ever get fed up of being so self-conciously bloody nice about everyone all the time ? Why would chappatis catch anyones imagination anyway ? They’re hardly cutting edge world cuisine – always the thing left behind when the rest of the buffets gone.
    How about this as a being nice to minorities story – I was stuck on a train once and a gypsy played me a tune on a tin whistle in exchange for a cigarette – I was in first class and it was a surreal and slightly embarrasing experience, especially as being england no one said anything until he lit the cigarette !
    You’d probably love the Paris metro too where various dregs and loonies randomly board trains, read out a prepared sob story and then go through the train – sometimes playing apalling folk music on a casette player – collecting money. A bit like “steaming” on the London tube but with gallic charm rather than ethnic thuggery.

  3. Matt, you do make me LOL. I don’t think they were Muslim. If they had been, I could have crow-barred something about multiculturalism in there too. But believe me, when the competition is a 500g bar of plain Cadbury’s chocolate, pharatas/chappatis definitely do capture the imagination of a bunch of pissed-off long-distance commuters with aching knees.

  4. Now the cuisine doesn’t bother me – I would have preferred to be listening into their life stories. On the Tube, I do get a bit irritated with the mobile phone users but to allay my irritation, I try to imagine the other side of the conversation – does anyone else do this or is it not PC or will no-one own up to doing it?

  5. Belive it or not I’m considered sufficiently important at work to be entitled to it, the gypsy asked for a cigarette, I initially said no, so he said he’d play me a tune for it, before I could refuse he started playing and it seemed churlish not to give him a smoke after that.

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