Chinese Reincarnation

This caption, from BBC News early on Saturday morning, caught my eye:
Chinese release new regulations for reincarnation

China Buddhism
New Regulations on Reincarnation

There is plenty of debate in the UK (and in Europe) about the parameters of political discourse, and the role played by religion. Our governments are accused of disingenuous behaviour and doublespeak. But let us be thankful that we do not have to deal with dictats so utterly senseless and evil as those reported here.
The move by the Chinese is another depressing chapter in their suppression of Tibet. My interview with the Dalai Lama is here.

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  1. Did they not already kidnap and try to replace the Panchen Lama in 1995?
    And are they stupid? Who do they think anyone is going to believe? A government that knows eff all about it, or the leaders of the religion itself? I did actually think that that headline was some sort of comedy joke. I never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life. What next – China Christianity: New regulations on salvation?

  2. They’re operating on a totally different and more cynical level than either of you give them credit for. They have essentially crimminalised part of a ritual in order to gain greater control over the religion and its adherents.  What is sad is not the level of stupidity, but that there exist no checks and balances in the Chinese system to question – and perhaps satirise – such actions.

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