Bizarre and Sad Recorded Station Annoucements

Ste complains that a steam train has caused delays to his commute.  I find it amazing and bizarre that the station or the rail company have seen fit to pre-record a message, saying that delays are caused by a steam train.  Is that a regular an occurrence?
One thing I have always thought particularly sad is that the rail companies have a pre-record for “due to a fatality on the line.”  It is clearly a frequent enough occurrence to be a necessary annoucement to have in the library, which is sad in itself.  And yet it also offends that something so serious and sombre should be delegated to the robotic system.  Perhaps I am being an old fashioned ‘digital immigrant‘, but it feels like the sort of thing that should be announced live.  I suppose it is a harsh thing to ask the station managers to do.
My worry stems from the fact that there is a cadence and a timbre to a real voice that a pre-record does not have.  When we cede these tasks to a machine, we lose a whole set of human interactions. We only notice this when the subject matter is something so exceptional as a death.
Is this just modernity? Am I being overly sentimental about routine and repetitive information? It is not as if most of these announcements are declarations of love or philosophical debates.
(See also: my piece ‘Encountering the Submerged‘ from almost exactly seven years ago, on the aftermath of a railway suicide I saw in Glasgow; and ‘The Best People Aren’t People‘ about non-human tweeters with personality).

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  1. Sorry, my tweet was unclear — the frustration with the announcement was not that it said “A steam train’s coming through, lol” but that they said “We apologise for the delay” when it was clear that the reason for this unspecified delay was a steam train ambling through at the time my train was scheduled. I saw this train. It is not normally there. At any time. And so that new thing broke my connection, delaying my journey to work by 30 minutes, but the robotic apology was meant to absolve the companies of blame, imply it was just one of those things, out of their hands. It absolutely wasn’t; it was clearly a planned thing (presumably this was a special journey added to the schedule for cash money or PR). That is infuriating to me.
    That wouldn’t fit in 140 characters. SORRY.

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