Counterpoint: In praise of 100px Campaigns

Neda Agha-Soltan
Neda Agha-Soltan, martyr of the 2009 uprisings

Me, earlier:

And as for Twibbons?  This innovation seems to me to be a hugely reductive exercise, shrinking political debate to a space 100 pixels wide.

I can’t really let this stand without relaying an exchange I had a couple of weeks ago.

Interesting: now @doctorow has changed his avatar, only one of my followers retains a green #IranElection picture.
yrstrly, 4th Dec, 7pm:
@JoanneMichele, 7:03pm
Thing is @JoanneMichele @lissnup I’m not sure it matters. Would the green avatar thing raise MORE awareness on Twitter now? I doubt it.
Yrstrly, 7:45pm
when it’s a rough day & I look at my tweetdeck & its filled w/ green …it matters @lissnup
@JoanneMichele, 8:14pm
It really matters. So many ppl in Iran see Twitter, see green avatars, draw comfort & strength #Iranelection
@lissnup 8:15pm

So, let’s not underestimate the power of solidarity as a campaign weapon. If we are reluctant to actually take to the rooftops and shout, then there is some virtue in the little gestures that pep up those on the front line.
I think this was a central purpose of too. Yes, it was “all about the hashtag” but we hope the outpouring of solidarity would have provided some comfort during a particularly dark moment.

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