All the UK and Ireland Bank Sort Codes

As well as debating politics, human rights and free speech, this blog is also interested in spreadsheets. Regular readers may recall my triumphant post about UK Postcode Areas, or the deeply honest and uncompromising account of the Excel spreadsheet function VLOOKUP.
As part of my job I’ve recently had cause to look up the bank name and address for a given set of sort codes. To begin with, I simply Googled each sort code and then copied-and-pasted whatever information was revealed.
This is extremely tiresome, so I’ve made myself a spreadsheet. I scraped the web for the information, and have put it in a handy Google Sheets file.
The data includes sort code, bank name and branch. In many cases I did acquire the address information too, but I have chosen not to include it in the CSV file because it is so inconsistent: some banks do not supply physical address details, but a central customer service centre instead.
The data looks like this:

Sortcode Sortcode Sortcode Bank Name Branch
11-82-69 11 82 69 118269 HALIFAX ROCHDALE (HPS)
77-65-17 77 65 17 776517 LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC SWANSEA MUMBLES (T)

There are 18,097 separate sort codes (out of a possible one million-less one combinations).
This data is presented without warranty. If you spot an error then let me know in the comments.
I hope you find this list useful for your projects. If you do use this data, why not leave a comment below to tell us what you did with it.

You can also leave a comment on the Google sheet itself.
This would be particularly useful if you spot a missing sort code, or an error with the sort codes presented.
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12 Replies to “All the UK and Ireland Bank Sort Codes”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing this file, can I ask if you have collected the data for all banks in the UK or this is some of them only?
    How confident are you in terms of the accuracy of this file?
    Many thanks.

  2. I’ve just opened a current account with HSBC, and its sort code is 40-11-00, which isn’t on your list, and doesn’t seem to appear on other lists I’ve found on the Web either. I applied for the account on-line, so presumably this is some general sort code that isn’t tied to a specific HSBC bank branch.

    1. That’s interesting. I suppose that sort codes get created on a semi-regular basis (they can’t have all be assigned infallibly when the current banking system was instituted) so this list will slowly become out of date. I’ll add that sort code to the list when I get the chance.

  3. This is a very useful piece of work !!
    I am looking for a sort code of 63 – 59 – 50 which relates to a loan account closed in about 2004 but no one can tell me to which lender it related .I don’t know if banks keep a record of codes they used to use ? I think this lender has been absorbed in to another bank .

  4. UK sort codes are managed centrally by Bacs.
    All banks are responsible for maintaining the details associated with “their” sort codes, including address and telephone numbers, but these fields are not mandatory.
    All UK banks are allocated a predetermined “range” of sort codes… you may notice that certain banks have sort codes beginning with the same 2-4 digits. When a bank opens a new branch, they can chose one of the currently unpublished sort codes from their allocated range. Or they can re-use an old one, as long as it has been closed for a certain qualifying period of time.

  5. Hi Robert I am trying to find the bank and address for the following sort code
    04-00-56 can you or someone help please .
    I stupidly brought something by bank transfer and not received the goods. The man has given a false address unfortunately

  6. The name of Middlesbrough has no ‘o’ after the ‘b’. There are a number of places in the spreadsheet where ‘Middlesbrough’ is spelt ‘Middlesborough’. I have irreversibly memorized it as my wife comes from there.
    I found your site whilst on the phone with a scammer who wanted my bank sort code and account number to ‘refund’ me some money I was ‘owed’. I was looking for the code of a bank in a remote area of the UK but he guessed what I was doing and ended the call.

  7. You may remember I used your data for a fraud investigation some time ago- Just thought I’d give you a shout to say I’m using it again for another investigation and to say thank you once again!

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